Hi, I’m Shauna.

I’m a chef and writer out here in gorgeous Portland, Oregon. 

I came to cooking accidentally, and without much preparation for anything, save a poetry degree and a lifelong interest in healthy eating. After a near decade in top restaurants in Boston and Portland, I felt a gnawing disconnect between industry conventions and conversations about food and the way I actually wanted to eat on a daily basis. In a dual world of butter sauces and boring quinoa bowls, I longed for a place where imagination and technique could rule the salad station, and where ingredients were prized not only for their luxury or rarity, but for their incredible nutritive value.

Secret Language is a home I’ve carved out to explore my own creative approach to everyday eating: rooted in the micro-seasons of local plants, inspired by global flavors, and carefully engineered for total body happiness. You know that moment where you push your empty plate away and feel as if every individual cell you’re made of is humming with gratitude? That’s the moment we’re after here, every time.

Right now, SL is a gypsy venture, though perhaps one day we’ll have a little restaurant. Pop-ups happen a handful of times a season and are sometimes casual, a la carte experiences, sometimes ticketed events, and sometimes grand collaborations with talented friends. Please check the events page for the latest!

I’m also available selectively for regular or occasional private chef work, special events, and one-on-one instruction. Drop me a line with questions, or to obtain a quote.